• November 22, 2022

Review Mom You Can more happiness in work and motherhood

Review: ‘Mom You Can, more happiness in work and motherhood’

Like talking to a friend who can help you find balance and happiness in work and motherhood, that was the feeling I got while reading the book Mom You Can by Elsbeth Teeling. A book full of recognition, examples and tasks.

Children, parenting and motherhood

We all know so well ‘how we are going to do it once the little one is here’. We are becoming the perfect mom and wife. But often it doesn’t manage to keep all the balls high.

Family, household, work, family, friends, they all ask a lot of us and want a lot from us.

The author of this book.

Elsbeth Teeling is the author of the book Mom You Can. I ‘know’Elsbeth via Twitter. Years ago I noticed her ‘The Club of Relaxed Mothers’. Elsbeth has written more books including ‘Those other moms are just doing whatever’. The idea for the book Mom You Can, arises when Elsbeth searches on google for combine fatherhood with work, to which Google comes up every time with:’ Did you mean motherhood?’ Keep looking on here, the stories are often that this combination is hard and tough.

In the articles Elsbeth read, children were often seen as a burden to the working parent and if you say it often enough, you start to believe it too. Time to counter with a book. And so Mom You Can was born.

A book about balance, happiness and lots of fun in work and motherhood.

Happiness in work and motherhood

Almost every mother will have that feeling at one time or another. You want to do it so well, have it so good in your head beforehand. But when the time comes, it can all be quite disappointing. Having children is wonderful, but also busy.

The book Mom You Can consists of two parts. Part one of this book is about work, parenting, the struggle is real and the question are children a block or do they give you wings? How you feel as a mother depends on so many factors, including hormones that can give you a boost. But you as a woman also change once you become a mother, suddenly that little toddler, is very important in your life and you will do anything for it. Perhaps also putting old habits aside and changing as a person.

In the first part you will read a lot of recognition, through personal stories of Elsbeth and others.

In part two you will find the success factors

Part two in the book Mom You Can is ‘the recipe to success’. Based on nine success factors that are discussed step by step, you will naturally walk towards success. Success factors like; ‘know yourself ( and be kind), dare to ask and focus.’ Because just when you think it’s all running, something changes in the situation and you will have to make choices again. Your kids change, they get older, hit puberty, maybe your relationship changes.

Each success factor is discussed in detail, clearly explained and you can start asking yourself questions.

Mom You Can

Assignments to get started

Because things keep changing, the last part of the book is very valuable. You can work with the nine success factors yourself. It’s kind of a refresher course.

A nine-week refresher course ( which could easily take you 18 weeks). Every week you get 2 challenges, which you can work on.

Happiness and motherhood-it remains an ongoing process!

Mom You Can, also of interest to you

Mom You Can is highly recommended if you too are at a loss as to how to keep the balls high at times. And also want to continue to enjoy life, your family and your work. Precisely because Elsbeth writes so much from herself but also describes examples from friends the book feels like a recognition, like ‘ I am not alone in this’.

Practical tips about Mom You Can

The book Mom You Can. More happiness in work and motherhood by Elsbeth Teeling is on sale from February 13. You can reserve it now at Business Contact