• November 15, 2022

The 5 best places for a campervan vacation

The 5 best places for an RV vacation

Going on motorhome holidays. How cool does that sound? And maybe we can’t leave right now, the time when we can go on vacation again is just around the corner. And if we can, we will. But then what are the places to go?

On vacation in a motor home

Do you have your own campervan? Or do you want to rent a motorhome to go on vacation soon? Then you might still be looking to fill in your vacations. Since you’re outlawed with an RV, you’re bound to want to see the essentials of a particular area. Don’t know where best to go yourself? Here are the 5 best places for a camper vacation in a row.

The 5 best places for a motorhome holiday

1. Lake Garda

Want to be assured of great weather during your RV vacation? Then you probably head for the south of Europe. Lake Garda is in that case an excellent base. This destination in the north of Italy is a bit of a drive, but well worth it. Around Lake Garda you will find several campsites. RV spot prices vary. Because of this, there is a suitable campsite with camper place for every budget.

2. Extramedura

Do you love (rough) nature and also want nice weather during your vacation? Then Extremadura is for you. This autonomous region you will find in the southwest of Spain and is located near the Portuguese border. Do you love historic cities? Then you are also fully satisfied here. Because in Extremadura you will find several ancient (and even medieval) places. In addition, you can encounter bears and special birds in nature.

3. Lofoten Islands

Don’t care about nice weather, but prefer to visit a destination where you can see and do a lot? Then the Lofoten in Norway might be something for you. You’ll find some high mountains here, among other things, but also cozy villages. In addition, this destination lends itself perfectly to rafting, diving or fishing. Visit the Lofoten between April and November? Here you also have a chance to see the northern lights. An added bonus is that in Norway you can camp in the wild for free, provided you comply with the rules.

4. The Eiffel

Would you prefer to stay a little closer to home with your motorhome? Then the Eiffel is a nice area to settle down with your camper. This region is located in the east of Germany, about halfway to Belgium. A vacation in this region is ideal for nature lovers, but also for people who love history. Besides the vast nature you will also find old places like Trier. And of course there is no shortage of motorhome sites in this region either.

5. A motorhome vacation in the Netherlands

Not everyone likes to cross borders with a motorhome. This also applies to you? Then you might consider renting a motorhome in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is also an excellent country for a motorhome holiday. So you can tour along the Dutch coast or tour the lakes in Friesland. Also in the other provinces there are plenty of nice places to visit with your motorhome. Don’t want to focus on one specific spot? Take a tour through the Netherlands. Since our country is not particularly large, this is an excellent option to see a lot in a short time.

Planning the vacation

Maybe the motorhome vacations should be put on the back burner for now, but the time when we can go on vacation again is coming and then we’d better know what we want. Now thinking and dreaming about the next trip and hopefully being able to make plans again soon!

On a trip

I myself have made several trips with a motorhome, never in Europe by the way, but in Australia, America and Canada. And you? Also been on vacation with a motorhome?