• January 12, 2023

NoLo drinks trendy flavorful luxurious alcohol-free and low-alcohol

NoLo drinks: trendy, flavorful, luxurious, alcohol-free and low-alcohol

Are you participating in Dry January or would you like to reduce your alcohol consumption?? Then read all about the 2021 trend here: NoLo drinks. Or alcohol-free (No) and low-alcohol (Lo) beverages.

What drinks can you put on the table that will be as desirable as a glass of wine?

Drunk more in 2020

Have you started the year with Dry January? Or make sure you drink less than you have lately. Surely 2020 was the year that people started drinking more, the pressures of homeschooling, working from home and perhaps also the fear of the future made people pour a wine or beer more often.

Drinking less alcohol in 2021

Whether you're participating in Dry January or if you just want to start drinking less, maybe you want to drink something other than tea, coffee or soda in the evening. So what can you put on the table? What is the trend?

NoLo in 2021 is the trend!

Trend watchers, hospitality, retail and beverage manufacturers agree: NoLo will be the trend of 2021. Demand for alcohol-free (No) and low-alcohol (Lo) drinks increased rapidly during corona and will continue to rise in the coming months.

Tasty, luxury low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks

No wonder, since the supply of NoLo alcohol is becoming more attractive every day. With Italian founder and 'godfather' of alcohol-free drinks Crodino leading the way, closely followed by exciting new players like Fluère and The Duchess. These drinks perfectly match the desire for a luxurious taste experience and a healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready to go NoLo?

Healthy lifestyle with taste

The growing interest in No (alcohol-free) and Lo (low-alcohol) beverages has been noticeable for quite some time, but the trend is expected to reach full maturity in 2021 and evolve into a "new normal. Luxury alcohol-free drinks are here to stay next year. We are going to see this in the hospitality industry, but also certainly in the drinking habits at home.

Drinking as an experience: luxury in NoLo drinks

Providers of alcoholic and NoLo beverages are also seeing the market change. New entrants like Fluère, a brand specializing in non-alcohol spirits for Lo- and No-alcohol Gin-tonics and The Duchess, a pre-mixed non-alcohol Gin-tonic developed in South Africa, are seeing fast-growing sales figures. Also, Crodino, the original non-alcoholic aperitif from Italy, is making a real comeback. It is currently the best-selling non-alcoholic drink in the supermarket, after beer.*

What to drink?

So because of our collective penchant for luxury experience, health and coziness, 2021 really seems to be the year of NoLo. A list of the main players in terms of NoLo drinks:


A brand that specializes in non-alcoholic versions of spirits, intended primarily as the base of delicious Gin tonics. For example: 45ml Fluère Raspberry, Schweppes Tonic and as garnish raspberries and dried orange peel. Easy and classy!


The Godfather; The original non-alcoholic aperitif from Italy, has been around since 1965. The perfect companion to a well-filled drinks board. At its best in a Crodino glass with lots of ice and a slice of orange.

The Duchess

A pre-mixed alcohol-free Gin-tonic, developed in South Africa, but with Dutch roots. For the 'perfect serve' all you need is a nice glass, lots of ice and a selection of spices (for example: star anise, juniper berries and cardamom).

I go NoLo

Dry January passes me by, but I did start with less alcohol this year. Not because it's January, but because I find it's better for myself. With the lockdowns of the past few months we too started drinking more, we really needed this in the evening and at some point it became a habit to grab a glass of wine or beer in the evening. We've stopped doing that. Still, every now and then I like to put something other than tea or soda on the table and that's where I got some NoLo drinks from Crodino.

Fluere and The Duchess are cold.

Surprising flavors

The flavors of these NoLo drinks are quite strong and enough ice in your glass is definitely desirable. The taste is very good and a glass of this on the table is not inferior to a glass of wine. The Crodino you drink with ice and preferably in a special Crodino glass. This makes your drink look super chic and the taste is deliciously strong.

With Fluere you can make the most delicious mocktails, by combining it with Tonic. By the way, Fluere's bottles are so beautiful, they are actually worth saving. But also The Duchess comes with those beautiful bottles. This pre-mixes alcohol-free Gin-Tonic also has a strong taste.

Plenty of ice in your glass and enjoy!

Drinking less alcohol is not difficult at all with these tasty NoLo drinks. The flavors are quite strong and by serving them in nice shines they certainly don't undercut alcoholic drinks. I totally get it if these drinks are going to be the trend of 2021.

I will participate anyway!

photo’s lodiblogt/ image library/ for this article I received products/ *Nielsen report P9 2020