• November 11, 2022

How to easily order quality meat online

How to easily order quality meat online

Are you eating less meat these days?? You hear and read it a lot. People still eat meat, but less and when they do eat meat they choose quality meat.

Meat so delicious, you’ll feel like you’re eating in a restaurant at home. But where to buy good meat? You can read it all in this article.

Eat less meat

Like many, we want to eat less meat at home. The days we do eat meat, I consciously choose quality meat. Meat with a hallmark.

I order this online from Bollensteak.

Ordering quality meat from Bollensteak online

Bollensteak is the online butcher where you can order restaurant quality meat. Just for home. The order will be delivered to your home on the day you specify online, between five and ten o’clock ’s evening.

Now you pay more for quality meat than when you buy meat at the supermarket. You know that, but it’s worth it too. The meat of the Bollensteak is incredibly tasty and of very good quality.

Sunday is meat day

Do we eat less meat during the week, on Sundays we enjoy eating a good piece of meat at home. Meat worthy of a restaurant. This succeeds with the meat of Bollensteak. This is how I ordered tournedos and lamb chops online.

These were delivered on the agreed day, vacuum packed, with two t.h.t dates on this. A date for when you want to keep meat in the fridge and one for when you put it in the freezer.

The simplicity of meat

Besides a good piece of quality meat, I do not need much extra’s on my plate. I combine the meat with vegetables and potato croquettes for the real restaurant feel. On the site of Bollensteak you can read exactly how to prepare the meat.

Because whether you choose a pan, in the oven or on the barbecue, all the tips are on the site. You really don’t have to be a kitchen prince or princess to activally do the good taste justice.

Fantastic flavors

We enjoyed Bollensteak’s quality meat. The tournedos is so tender, it melts in your mouth. The taste is very good, you can tell immediately that it is good meat.

We are also going to order the lamb chop more often, I would really like to put it on the barbecue again, delicious with a marinade. The whole family enjoyed the meat. You can taste the quality of the meat, making your meal a real dinner.

order lamb chop online at Bollensteak

Order meat online

Ordering quality meat online is a must at Bollensteak. These are beautiful pieces of meat with a good taste. It’s a feast on your plate.

foto’s lodiblogt/ free image via Pixabay/cooperation