• December 26, 2022

Expected within one week in the event of a delay or cancellation of your flight

Expected within one week in the event of a delay or cancellation of your flight!

Going on vacation, almost everyone likes to do this and preferably as long and far as possible. The plane is popular, but what if you arrive at the airport and your flight will remain delayed or canceled?

Go on holiday

Everyone likes to go on vacation. Wonderful a week away to the sun to put your head all the way to zero or on vacation to the Alps to ski. But unfortunately it sometimes happens that a flight with which you would fly to your holiday destination is “canceled” or “delayed”.

You are already sitting with your head on your holiday destination and you will be told that it will take a while before you can leave because your flight is delayed.

Delay or cancellation

Fortunately, there are many people who already know that you can get compensation for these flight problems. Only airlines are very passive around these compensations. They do everything they can to give you no or as slowly as possible compensation.

Claims agencies can help you with your claim.


Claimingo is such a claim agency that can help you claim compensation. They are the only one in the Netherlands to work through a so -called claim&Go principle. They buy the full claim and pay you out within one week! Snag? no.

You will get paid immediately anyway, so even if Claimingo loses the case a few months later, you can keep the compensation. The amount is risk -free, which means that Claimingo takes over the risk surrounding the claim from you. That’s it!

When can you submit a claim?

There are some rules regarding submitting a claim after delay or cancellation. First, don’t wait too long to submit your claim! Even if you can claim a fee for no less than two years ago in the Netherlands, this period may have expired before you know it.

That is literally missing money.

In addition, you are only eligible for compensation if

  • Your flight was delayed for at least 3 hours;
  • the flight was canceled;
  • the flight was overbooked;
  • You were refused when boarding;
  • You missed a connecting flight due to delay.

Do you want to know if you are entitled to compensation after delay or cancellation and what Claimingo has to offer? Enter your details here and check whether you are eligible for compensation.