• November 30, 2022

Crowdfunding and pre-order children’s book

Crowdfunding and Pre-order Children’s Book ‘ Hey Who Are You?’

‘ Hey Who Are You?’ is a children’s book that introduces children 3 and up to the diversity of people and cultures in the world. Through crowdfunding and pre-order, this colorful children’s book can be printed. Do You Help?

Children’s Book and Games

The “ Hey, Who Are You?” Children’s Book and Accompanying Games Introduction Children from 3 years old to the diversity of people and cultures in the world. This Book and the Games also Encourage Your Child and You To Look At Differences And Similarities with An Open Mind. Discover The World, Together! But they need your help to do that, which is why we have an article on crowdfunding and pre-order!

Hey, who are you?

Hey, who are you? is a children’s book in which Lynette, Marley, Shanti, Mohammed and Sixteen Other Children have Their Say. The Book and its games give every child the opportunity to get to know the culture of their peers and to recognize theme -velves in a real children’s book. Hey, who are you?, Is a Large, ColorFully Illustrated and Designed Book Focusing on Children From Different Countries. What makes it even more fun is that even your own child in hey, who are you?? and can see themelves through a mirror in Each Chapter!

Crowdfunding and pre-order children's book hey who are you?

Pre-order and crowdfunding

It is the dream of writer and creator of ‘ hey, who are you?€. In This Way, Every Child Will Have the Opportunity to Learn about the Culture of Peers and Recognize Themselves in A Real Children’s Book. To make this happen, this book must first be printed and that costs money. That Is Why Monique Has Set Up A Really Fun Crowdfunding Campaign. Help realize this children’s book and games?

Crowdfunding and pre-order children's book hey who are you?

The Book is ready

Currently the Book is ready to be printed, the only thing missing is money to realize this. The More Money That Comes in Through Crowdfunding, The More They Can Make Possible.
Because as far ax monique is a group, it Doesn’tn’t Stop with the book Alone!
To acquaint children with the diversity of people and cultures in equally more ways, they can develop games, an app, teaching packages for group 1 and 2, Themed Packages for daycare centers, they can just bring the children from the book to life
In The Form of Life-Size Dolls and Small Cudly Toys.
The Possibilities are endless and make discovering the world and all its wonderful inhabitants that much more fun!

Will You Help Make This Fantastic Project A Reality?? Be sure to take a look at the site of hey, who are you?