• January 17, 2023

Bikini Body guide explanation

Bikini Body guide exercise in a very nice way

Sports until you have a bikini body. Which can! Do you know the Bikini Body Guide? The Bikini Body Guide (BBG) from Kayla Itsines, is a way of exercising, where you build up a condition, but also muscle mass. You lose weight and feel better about yourself.

But how does this all work?

Sports, but no hype

I myself am not so of a hype and as a weight consultant I am critical of new methods for losing weight and moving. I am not a gym fan, walk fast, climb and do a lot of home garden and kitchen gym. Occasionally I find it difficult, which exercises or challenges I want to follow, but suddenly there was the BBG of Kayla Itsines.

The Bikini Body Guide

Do you already know Kayla Itsines? She is an Australian personal trainer who started as a trainer for women alone. Here she often heard her clients say that they would like to have a flat stomach, strong arms and thinner legs.

What she did then has been set up her own training program.

Initially for young women

In the first instance, the training was intended for women between 16-25, but soon Kayla saw that women of 40 also achieved results with her training program and the training is now for all women. The training program can be found in its bikini body guide. An e-book that can be ordered via the Kayla site.

The e-book contains a 12-week workout program in which you work on a bikini body. What makes Kayla so familiar with his hair before and after photos on Instagram, when you look at #bbg you see a lot of success stories come by.

Super tight figure

Well Kayla is 23 years old and with her super tight body an example for many. Of course I don’t have the illusion that I can get her figure at the age of 41. But because of all the stories and before and after photos I have become curious. After having followed her for a while on Instagram, I decided to request the free trial lesson of the Bikini Body Guide from Kayla Itsines via her site. The workouts I had to do here were nice.

Intense, sweating, but fine. That I decided to go for the full program.

What does Kayla Itsines e-book look like

The Bikini Body Guide Workouts consist of 2-3 circuits per week, Liss Training and HIIT Training. For the real beginners there are 4 weeks of pre-workouts, but the advanced athletes can get started at week 1 day 1. On the site you can download a Timetable in which you can indicate per week what to do that week.

The different parts

1. Resistance training . There is a circuit workout 2-3 times a week. This consists of 2 parts with 4 exercises. You start with circuit 1 and do the exercises for 7 minutes. If you have done all the exercises, but the seven minutes are not over yet, then you will continue. The repetitions and any aids are indicated per exercise.

After seven minutes you take 30-90 second rest and continue with Circuit 2. After again seven minutes, repeat your circuit 1 again. In total you are exercising 28 minutes. .

2. Liss Training Low Intensity Steady State Training. A cardio training consists of 35-45 minutes walk, quiet running, cycling, cross training. You work on your fitness and endurance.

3. HIIT Training High Intensity Interval Training. An interval training based on two moments, peace and work. This can be considered 30 sec sprint-30 sec rest and that for 10-15 minutes. This can be trained on a treadmill or a bike, but also outside

Get one day a week it is a complete day of rest, the other day on which you don’t have to do a workout can be used to stretch to have your muscles and body repaired. This is explained in the book. .It is also told per week which day which exercises you should do, but they do take our daily lives into account and also gives the possibilities to mix and match the days.

Because of the explanation about the exercises of the bikini body guide and stretching, you can’t do much wrong.

Sports with what you have at home

As a weight consultant, of course I know that you don’t get a beautiful body from just moving. Food is a very large link in this. You can also buy her recipes on the Kayla Itsines website. Our ideas compared to healthy eating are quite similar.

I was able to get tasty recipes from her books. There are also 14 daily menus that you can follow. On the website you can also buy all attributes that are needed at the Bikini Body Guide Workouts, but I will just improvise with that myself with what I have in house.

How are you?

I think the exercises are tough, but good to do. Of course it takes a lot of discipline to actually take the time to do the exercises (because it is often, we don’t take the time for it). The most important goal for the participants of these workouts is not losing weight, but getting a better body. In addition to sports, a healthy lifestyle is of course very important, because otherwise the workouts will not work.

Every 4 weeks I take a picture of the progression and am very gang of how things are going to be. Of course I will keep you informed and I am really curious if there are readers who are already working on Kayla. Let me know.