• November 8, 2022

The solution to LEGO blocks lying around

The solution to LEGO cubes lying around

There is a lot of LEGO® in the house. And this still causes some clutter and annoyances. Both for the boys, when they lose a cube and for me when I ’m stepping on a cube again late at night. At one point we bought -via marketplace- a whole box full of LEGO® blocks and then we had enough. I was looking for a solution for the LEGO® blocks lying around and was looking for a good and functional storage system.

A building table for LEGO in the rooms.

The man made a LEGO® table for both boys. These are in their bedrooms and they can build, play and fantasize to their heart's content. The advantage of the table is that they can leave everything and I can't break my leg over it.

The solution was in a storage system

I used to try to put the LEGO® cubes in old ice cream trays, but they were soon much too small. It had to be bigger and more convenient, I knew that. It took a while before I finally found the solution to my problem, but then suddenly we ran into it like this. A storage trolley

A storage trolley

We were walking through the Kwantum and suddenly I saw them; the storage trolleys’s. You have them in different colors and heights. I believe this one was for the kitchen or bathroom, but let's face it. Ideal for the LEGO® cubes anyway? The trolley is (the name says it all) on wheels, so the boys can put it anywhere they want to build. The trays can be taken out, so when they are busy with a color, they take this tray out completely.

It took some searching, both for the solution and before all the colors were in the right containers, but it is an ideal solution. The room is tidy and there is no more Lego® on the floor and at least I am not standing on blocks in the dark ’s evening.