• December 12, 2022

Make special gifts happy

Make special gifts happy

You will find at applepiepools Special gifts who can make you happy. How about bracelets, chains, earrings and accessories all with a feel good symbolism that help you be happy. And the jewelry is also super beautiful and portable!


Receiving a surprise bag on the bus is of course already great fun. But a surprise bag from a web store with special gifts is very special. Apple pie stands for special gifts that make you happy. And luckily I immediately became the packaging of the Suprise Bag. It was very nicely packed.

Each item piece by piece, with bows and glitter. I personally get very happy to receive this. The products that were in the Surprise Bag and the products on the site all have a story.

It’s not just a chain or a lucky pendant that you give or get. There is a message. This makes it really fun to get or give as a gift.

It has been about ‘ thought ’.

What was in the Suprise Bag:

The Surprise Bag. Great to be allowed to receive, but what was in it? What is immediately noticeable is the Wish Wisely Crystal, who was in the package How does this Wish Wisely work? Make a wish while you tie the clear Swarovski crystal heart around your neck or wrist.

Then wear the Wish Wisely until the cord is worn out and your wish is ready to come out.

I also received a Mermaid ’ s Gift necklace. A sugar pink necklace with a block of varisciet. Varisciet is the ‘ anti-stress stone ’ that you let yourself be, work utilizingly and gives courage.

A necklace that really appeals to me. I ‘ Hou ’ of these kinds of pendants. I also always have the idea that it does something to me and anti-stress certainly appeals to me.

I can always use a little more courage.

There was also a Japanese Lucky Neko happiness porger of porcelain in the Superise Bag. This is a symbol of protection.Every porcelain lucky pendant is a symbol of something else. For example health, love or wedding happiness.

a lucky pendant to give as a gift

Very personal special gifts

Super nice items in a suprise bag. The nice thing about the items, but you can see that on the Applepiebeces site, I think it is the possibility to give it as special gifts. The jewelry and pendants always face something.

Happiness, anti-stress, a message, a wish, a symbol or a memory.

Apple pie

Apple pie owner is Mariko. In 2008 she started her web store. Now, in 2016, the bracelets, necklaces, earrings, accessories and concepts at applepieplecials are still much more than just an ‘ Mooimaker ’.

Happy Tears, Atelier Naber, Silver Luck, Souvenirs of Life, Wish Wisely ’ S, Wish Birdies and Lucky Neko ’ S, all originated from the idea that you are carrying something that you feel good about. That can be a precious memory, special meaning or fiery wish.

One ‘ Apple pie ’ is therefore ideal as a sweet gift.