• December 28, 2022

It’s only lost when mama can’t find it

It’s only lost when mama can’t find it

It’s not lost until mom can’t find it. Yes, it is. Somehow the men in this house are always losing something. Even when it’s right under their noses, it’s a challenge for them to spot the object. Of course, you sometimes hear that men can’t search.

Well, here that really is an understatement. How bad the men in our house are at searching!!

My little man has a habit of swinging all his toys around the room. Some new phase is that. Playing with the Playmobil but also throwing your toys in the meantime. Very annoying and I thought that was only toddler behavior. Too bad.

Consequence of this toy explosion is that he can’t find anything anymore. All dolls, swords, dragons and horses are scattered over a floor space of at least 2o square meters. Just find that one particular doll. The little man often gives up this quest before he has even started.

Mommy gets called in pretty soon. Or no, actually mom is more commanded to find the doll NOW. Nine times out of ten the thing is just right under his nose then. Yet he looks over it.

Somewhat irritating I find.

The husband has it now too. Five years ago we got married. We gave each other a beautiful ring that we wear faithfully. A pricey ring too, like most wedding rings.

Mister, however, has a rather irritating habit from the start. When he goes to bed, he takes off his ring. When he plays sports, he takes his ring off. When he sits at the computer, he takes off his ring. When he goes to do chores, he takes off his ring.

You guessed it. Now that very expensive and emotionally valuable ring is lost! All these years I predicted he would lose his ring if it took it off all the time. No, that wouldn’t happen.

Of course now, to my regret, I’ve been proved right. At first I suspected I would find it. We have already had everything upside down. However, I’m afraid the title is now really up for discussion.

It’s only lost when mom can’t find it. So now we can honestly say that the wedding ring is really lost. Sob.

I am still brainstorming how the husband can make up for this. Surely there must be something in return. Although of course I hope we will still find the ring.

Can your children and/or partner search properly?

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