• February 1, 2023

How often do you change your interior

How often do you change your interior?

Since I live on my own, I have had many styles. So it is certainly not that I have the same style in my interior for years. When I was twenty-five and moved out on my own after a year of traveling, I had little money.

My table came from my grandmother, my sofa bed I took from me old house and the television cabinet, my father made from old garden tiles and a board.

Moving all the time

When I moved a few years later and had more money at that time, I bought a whole new interior. A lot of green was then in my house. It stayed that way for several years, until I met the man. Soon I stored my furniture in a box and moved in with him.

When we bought our house, two interiors were put together. Husband’s things, including his sofa and dining table, came into the living room. My stuff went to the guest room. What we didn’t have we filled with Ikea stuff.

After all, we didn’t know how our lives would turn out at that point and decided to just kind of start out that way.

Kids got bigger

The kids came and for the first few years our house was mostly child trial. The furniture there was either older or not very expensive. If they knocked over a drink or hit a cupboard with a car, it didn’t hurt.

The boys were getting older and so at some point we could confidently think about new furniture and flooring in the house.

Shopping for a new interior

Because when we came back from a long trip, we realized that we- partly because of the trip- had changed. We liked other things. That was the beginning of visits to the furniture malls. Well our furniture was also old and finished by now.

That shopping, enjoyment I found this. Fortunately, the husband and I have the same taste, so there’s never really a discussion about what style in the house.

New flooring in the house

The floors have been in our house for a long time now and every now and then we dream and look for something different. We now have laminate flooring and are happy with it, but when we go back to furniture stores or are looking online, I can get very excited about cast floors. It looks sleek, but also cool and easy to clean.

But also wood attracts me. But which type of wooden floor is the best choice? It is not at all unwise to study this well before making a choice.

Furniture in the living room

I like a clean and cool interior. That’s why I like an industrial dining table. This style of home is becoming more and more popular and I can understand that, because it’s beautiful, sturdy and durable. The kids have their own place in the living room, but also spend a lot of time at the dining table doing their homework.

A large dining table would be very nice. We are busy looking at what we want to renovate in the house first, but I have my favorites.